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Cognitive inhibition and thought disorder in schizophrenia

Roesch-Ely D, Spitzer M, Weisbrod M.


In schizophrenia, inhibitory control is reported to be disturbed and has been associated with formal thought disorder (TD). The negative priming task (NP) is used as a measure for inhibition; however, controversial results are found in the literature. The aim of this study was to evaluate cognitive inhibition in schizophrenia and TD. Additionally, the influence of the course of disease and of medication were evaluated. The NP was used to compare TD patients (n = 17) with non-TD (n = 19) and healthy controls (n = 21). Results showed similar performance among TD and non-TD patients, and controls. No influence of the course of disease or medication was found. Our results are in line with recent studies, where patients, irrespective of TD, show normal performance in the NP.