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The Global Child Health - Youth Advisory Board (GCH-YAB)

Engaging adolescents from diverse backgrounds, ages, genders and geographical regions – specifically considering marginalized youth – and valuing their perspectives, can provide valuable insights and ensure that research and interventions truly address their needs. The establishment of the GCH-YAB is an excellent initiative to involve young individuals in shaping the research process.

The GCH-YAB can inform various aspects of our research by:

a) Determining priority areas and topics for research to play a crucial role in identifying priority areas and topics for research. By actively involving children and adolescents in discussions and consultations, the board can gather their insights, experiences, and concerns related to child health. This will help ensure that the research undertaken by the working group aligns with the actual needs and challenges faced by young individuals.

b) Designing and conceptualizing research projects by engaging in dialogue with the board members, researchers can gain a better understanding of the perspectives and preferences of children and adolescents. This input can influence the research methodology, data collection tools, and the overall design of the projects to ensure they are inclusive and relevant.

c) Supporting project implementation and youth inclusion as well as to contribute ideas on how to engage young participants, provide feedback on research protocols, and suggest strategies for reaching out to diverse populations. This collaborative approach will enhance the inclusivity and impact of the research conducted by the working group.

d) Translating the findings into actionable recommendations for policymakers and stakeholders.

By actively involving children and adolescents through the HGCH-YAB, the Heidelberg Global Child Health Working Group can incorporate their perspectives and experiences into the research process, ensuring that the findings and recommendations are more representative, relevant, and impactful.

More information and details to follow soon