Master of Science in International Health

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The Master of Science in International Health (MScIH) focuses on poverty-related health problems in low and middle income countries. The programme aims to provide students with a solid foundation in international public health principles and to equip them with the knowledge and competencies necessary to run and initiate sustainable programmes for disease control, health promotion, and health services development across a wide range of populations and countries.

 Programme Title     

Master of Science in International Health

Starting Date

16 September 2024

Application Deadline

30 April 2024

Length of Programme

1 year / up to 5 years

 Mode of Delivery

Full-time / Part-time


Heidelberg University, and tropEd partner institutions



 Tuition Fees

14,100 EUR (1 year full-time study)

At the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  • critically collect, analyse and appraise qualitative and quantitative data relevant for the improvement of health and health care in low and middle income societies  
  • identify and analyse interrelated determinants of health and major health problems of populations from a cross-disciplinary perspective in low and middle income countries  
  • plan sustainable improvements of health systems considering the diverse intercultural settings as well as social and ethical responsibilities  
  • clearly communicate and work professionally in multi-disciplinary teams

Online Application


We would advise to first familiarise yourself with the concept and structure of the master programme.  You can find the information, including other entry requirements (e.g. English language proficiency) and the application procedure, on the following pages.

Late and incomplete applications cannot be considered. All applications have to be submitted online. Hardcopy applications will not be considered.