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The Short Course Programme offered by the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health at Heidelberg University provides opportunities for postgraduate education and professional development. All Short Courses are open to the institute's Master's students, students from odter tropEd member institutions, and health professionals wanting to specialize or refresh their knowledge in a particular subject area. Most Short Courses are tropEd accredited.

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E-Learning and face-to-face courses IN SOCIAL PROTECTION

The postgraduate program in social protection offered face-to-face or via online platform, aims to enhance systems-level thinking and innovation capacity for postgraduates and professionals working in social protection systems. This unique and targeted mix of theoretical education and practical training will result in the dissemination of specialist knowledge, learning of impactful skill-sets and improvement of professional competencies in related fields, while building strong networks for future collaboration and strengthening the technical capacity of social protection systems in countries around the world.

The Short Courses are available as individual courses or as a package of E-Learning and Face-to-Face Short Courses in Social Protection.

E-Learning Courses in Social Protection

Face-to-face courses

The application deadline for all face-to-face courses in social protection is the 31st of March 2021

Certificate in Social Protection

This program includes a package of selected e-Learning courses and 5 face-to-face courses. The students have full flexibility to complete the online courses in the convenient for them time and alongside their job duties. Only 5 weeks’ presence time for the face to face courses in Germany is required.

ECTS: 15
Dates for the face-to-face courses: 19.4-21.5.2021
Course Fees: 3500 € (The flight and accomodation costs are not included)

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For questions regarding the short courses in International Health please contact our short course programme team:

Anne-Kathrin Fabricius, M.A.
Short Course Programme Manager
Tel: + 49 - (0) 62 21 - 56 46 48

Hannah Bannasch, M.A.
Short Course Programme Assistant
Tel: + 49 - (0) 62 21 - 56 71 98

For questions regarding the e-learning or Social Protection courses please contact:

Anne-Kathrin Fabricius, M.A.
Project Manager
Phone: +49 (0) 6221/56-4149