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Welcome to the Global Health Lecture Series!

As Global Health is something that concerns all of us, it is our goal to move beyond the borders of medical professionalism and make this field accessible to the wide audience including students and faculty from all academic disciplines as well as the public and anyone else interested in learning more about this vibrant and dynamic field that is Global Health. 
Each semester we host 4 – 5 exciting lectures with speakers, not only from our Global Health Institute, but from universities, organisations, and policy departments from around the world. 
The lecture series is a place and a chance to meet and listen to renowned speakers and leading experts presenting and discussing a wide array of current issues and affairs within the realm of Global Health.

If you would like to broaden your horizon and get a glimpse of present-day and future Global Health research and education come and join our lecture series.
You can find our poster below with all our current events. If you would like to see past events from the lecture series, have a look at our Archive.

Obtaining credits
If you are part of the Global Health Wahlfachtrack or the MEDISS Program and would like to get the lectures accredited, please contact our administrator, Hilde Gold-Feuchtmüller.