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Our research group is dedicated to unraveling the intricate interactions between intestinal microbiota and systemic host immune system with a focus on gastrointestinal oncology. Microbiota have emerged as pivotal co-factors in systemic host immune processes, playing crucial roles in anti-tumoral, anti-infective, and autoimmune immunological pathways.

The comprehension of the underlying processes on the gut mucosa, the development of a toolbox to predict microbiota effects in the host, and the identification of potential therapeutic applications form the core of our research group. We are closely collaborating with the research group of Maria Paula Roberti at DKFZ.

Currently, our efforts encompass a diverse range of studies, including an investigator-initiated trial in hepatocellular carcinoma, along with multiple translational projects. Through these endeavors, we aim to contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge in this critical field.

  • Can Güner
  • Annika Steitz
Sabine Tuma-Kellner

DFG Einzelförderung „Intestinal transcriptome“

Else-Kröner-Fresenius starting grant „Integrins in cancer therapy“


Dr. Dr. med. Conrad Rauber

Mikrobiom, hepatobiliäre Tumore, Lebertransplantation