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nCounter Core Facility

Who has access to the service?

The following clients have access to this facility:

  • Members of the University of Heidelberg, including the Medical Faculties of Heidelberg and Mannheim
  • Excellence Cluster CellNetworks
  • Graduate School HBIGS (Hartmut Hoffmann Berling International Graduate School of Molecular and Cellular Biology)
  • HMLS (Heidelberg Molecular Life Sciences)
How to contact the nCounter Core Facility?

All requests are handled via our online booking system iLabs:
To perform an experiment at nCounter Core Facility you should first register at our iLabs nCounter Core Facility site and ask for a consultation. Thereafter, we will set up a meeting with nCounter Core Facility staff to review the feasibility of the project and to discuss how to proceed.

How do I submit a sample?

To start a project at nCounter Core Facility you have to request your experiment on the iLabs nCounter Core Facility site. The necessary CodeSets have to be ordered from nanoString directly.

What criteria must my samples meet for submission?

Please view the Terms of Use.

In case of further questions, please have a look into our General Guidelines.