Institute of Human Genetics

Human genetics is regarded as the prototype of an interdisciplinary specialty designed to function as a bridge between basic research and clinical medicine. With ever increasing rapidity the genetic basis of more and more diseases can be explained and this has led to interchanges with practically all branches of medicine. The growing need for professional counseling, expertise and diagnostic services in the field of medical genetics accounted for the introduction of the specialist for human genetics. The institute represents the field of human genetics in terms of patient care, research and teaching.

Genetic counseling and human genetic consultation services are provided by our Genetic Outpatient Clinic; this service is complemented by our own genetic diagnostic laboratories for cytogenetic and molecular genetic diagnostics. Our research focuses on tumor genetics, functional genome analysis, neurodevelopmental disorders, and nephrogenetics.

The Institute of Human Genetics is very actively involved in the education of Medical and Biology students, as well as physicians and natural scientists, who are trained at our Institute to become medical specialists in human genetics (Fachärzte für Humangenetik) and clinical laboratory geneticists (Fachhumangenetiker).

Managing Director

Portrait of Prof. Dr. med. Christian Schaaf

Prof. Dr. med. Christian Schaaf

Managing Director of the Institute, Director of the Human Genetics Department

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