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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

Molecular Genetics of ALL

ALL is the most common malignant disease in childhood. For many years now, our laboratory has specialized in the molecular genetic characterization of patients suffering from ALL. We identify genetic mutations in leukaemia cells and use them in order to subclassify the disease or as prognostic criteria (see MRD diagnostics). Also, in genome-wide approaches, we analyze chromosomal regions or genes predisposing to the development of ALL.

Project Director

Portrait von Prof. Dr. med. Christian Schaaf
Prof. Dr. med. Christian Schaaf

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Laboratory Director

Dr. phil. nat. Rolf Köhler

Leukemia and MRD diagnostics

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Prof. Schrappe (Kiel)
Prof. Koeffler (Los Angeles, USA)
Prof. Hemminki, Prof. Kumar (DKFZ, Heidelberg)
Prof. Houlston (Sutton, Surrey, UK)

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