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Academy for Global Health and Development

Since 2012, the Academy for Global Health and Development (AGGE) ties up the short courses of the Institute of Global Health with the tropical health seminars of two other renowned institutes, namely the German Institute for Medical Mission (Difäm) located at Tübingen and the Medical Mission Institute Würzburg. The academy is well equipped with specialist knowledge and proven trainers and offers a wide range of trainings to you.

Are you a medical specialist and want to work in a health project in an economically less developed country? Or are you an expert in the field of development cooperation and plan to work abroad in the health sector? If so, the Academy for Global Health and Development offers you the optimal preparation for your work stay abroad.

AGGE courses cover topics such as HIV and aids, mother and child health, lab technologies, participatory project management and various public health topics, respectively. Moreover, a yearly summer academy on tropical medicine and global health is offered especially for medical students interested to work in the heath sector.

     All AGGE-courses are available online for detailed information and registration on: www.agge-akademie.de

     The academy plans individual seminars tailored to the specific needs of development organizations to prepare their staffs for works stays in health projects abroad.

For further questions and advice, please contact:

Franziska Müller
Tel. 07071-70490-24