Institute for Medical… Research


Traditionally, medical informatics holds a recognized position in the field of systematic management of data, information and knowledge to support medical care and biomedical research.

A consistent principle of the research projects of the Institute of Medical Informatics is to be oriented towards application questions and to further develop methods and tools related to the problems identified there. This is accompanied by the fact that projects are generally carried out in an interdisciplinary manner and with medical partners, for example:

  • Clinics and institutes of Heidelberg University Hospital and the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University.
  • Research institutions within and outside the Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg
  • Companies

The scientific focus of the institute is structured patient data

The research foci complement each other and thus allow an integrated view and optimal provision of clinical, genetic data, images and other documents and medical and genomic knowledge for patient care and research.