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ZPM - bwHealthCloud

Zentrum für personalisierte Medizin - bwHealthCloud

Project Management: Dr. Fleur Fritz-Kebede

Project partners:

  • Prof. Peter Schirmacher, Institute of Pathology, UKHD
  • Dr. Carolin Plöger, Management ZPM Heidelberg
  • Prof. Oliver Kohlbacher, Institute for Translational Bioinformatics, University Hospital Tübingen (overall project management)
  • ZPM Locations BaWü

Sponsor: Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration, Baden-Württemberg

Brief description: The goal of the ZPM project bwHealthCloud is the development of a digital infrastructure for the networking of ZPM in Baden-Württemberg. This state-wide infrastructure for data exchange in the field of personalized medicine, initially with a focus on oncology, is primarily intended to connect treatment providers and researchers in different institutions more efficiently and to dissolve barriers between individual data sets.

Duration: 2020 - 12/2022

Institute staff: Dr. Mahmoud Sharf