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Study program human medicine

Information about the participation of the Institute of Medical Informatics in the study program Human Medicine at Heidelberg University can be found here.

Medical Informatics Program

The Medical Informatics program is a university study program in applied informatics with a focus on medicine and healthcare. In order to be able to cover both areas of medicine and informatics, the program was established in 1972 as a joint institution of the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University and Heilbronn University. As a result, students enjoy the advantages of a rather familiar study program with only about 35 students per semester as well as a university study program in the Heidelberg environment and graduate with a university Bachelor or Master of Science degree.

The program is divided into a Bachelor's program (duration of study 6 semesters) and a consecutive Master's program (duration of study 4 semesters). In the Bachelor's and Master's sections, students can choose between various elective modules, such as "Management of Information Systems in Healthcare" or "Signal and Image Processing" or "Bioinformatics". More detailed information about the program can be found on the page of the Bachelor's program in Medical Informatics or on the page of the Master's program in Medical Informatics. Detailed information on the various courses and other offerings for the Medical Informatics program in Heidelberg can be found here.

Academic advisors for the Medical Informatics program: Niclas Hagen and Vanessa Jörns.

Other teaching activities

Continuing education for the additional medical title 'Medical Informatics
The institute has an official authorization for further education of the medical association Nordbaden. Further information can be found here

Teaching for the MTA schools (radiology / laboratory) of the University of Heidelberg
Lectures and exercises "EDP" as part of the training of medical-technical and radiological assistants.

Master Classes in Medical Informatics
Master Classes (approx. 3-4 days) in Medical Informatics are held annually with selected students from the Medical Informatics programs of the Universities of Amsterdam, Innsbruck, Minnesota, Utah and the University of Heidelberg / Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences as part of the International Partnership in Health Informatics Education. The events are hosted by the different partner universities.

International Activities
We participate in the"International Partnership in Health Informatics Education".