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Medical Informatics Program

General information for those interested in our Medical Informatics program, can be found on the pages of Heidelberg University.

If you have any questions about the Medical Informatics program, please feel free to contact our faculty advisors Niclas Hagen and Vanessa Jörns.

For those who do not yet know exactly what Medical Informatics is

Typical tasks in which medical informatics supports healthcare professionals include processing and presenting data, information and knowledge, documentation and data integration, decision support, and medical software development.

A short introduction to Medical Informatics and an overview of the topics, gives this video of the gmds (German Society for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology e.V.).

Our Medical Informatics program is run jointly with Heilbronn University. From Heidelberg side we are mainly responsible for medical and medical informatics content. These are currently the courses:

Bachelor Medical Informatics:

V Diagnostic Systems

V Introduction to Bioinformatics

V Introduction to Medical Documentation

V Introduction and Operation of Information Systems

V Fundamentals of Healthcare Information Systems

V Medicine 1

V Medicine 2

V Medical Methodology

P Internship Medical Informatics

S Seminar Medical Informatics

V Tactical Management of Information Systems in Healthcare

V Therapeutic Systems

Master Medical Informatics:

V Application areas and interaction scenarios

V Social relations of medical informatics

V Healthcare information systems

V International course on strategic information management ('Frank van Swieten Lectures')

V Communication standards and protocols in telemedicine

V Non-technical aspects of telemedicine

P Practical course in telemedicine

V Theoretical foundations of bioinformatics

V Advanced techniques in C++ V Knowledge-based diagnosis and therapy support.

* = These courses are coordinated with external lecturers.