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Bus line 32 (without change) Starting at Heidelberg main station, take bus line 32 in the direction of Neuenheim Kopflinik. Get off at the bus stop "Campus im Neuenheimer Feld". The Marsilius-Arkaden are directly on the other side of the street (view direction Neckar). In the western tower with the brown facade (130.3) you will find the Institute of Medical Informatics on the 11th floor. Streetcar lines 21 and 24 (change once) From Heidelberg main station, take streetcar line 21 or 24 and get off at the "Jahnstraße" stop. To change to bus line 32, please walk from the streetcar stop on Jahnstraße into Neuenheimer Feld. The bus stop is located after about 30 m on the right side of the street.

Coming from the A5 freeway, please change to the A656 in the direction of Heidelberg at the Heidelberg freeway junction, coming from the A6 at the Mannheim junction. At the end of the freeway turn left in the direction of Neuenheim/Universitätsklinikum, after approx. 100 m turn right onto Vangerowstraße, after another approx. 350 m follow the road to the left (Iqbal-Ufer), drive under the Neckar bridge (Ernst-Walz-Brücke) and then immediately right onto the bridge and cross the Neckar. You are now on Berliner Straße, with the Neuenheimer Feld campus on your left.

On Berliner Straße coming from the highway or from the south, please turn left at the streetcar stop "Jahnstraße" into Jahnstraße and at the first possibility turn right into Kirschnerstraße. After about 100 m, pass the barrier at the Leit- und Informationszentrale 2 (LIZ 2) on the left and continue along Kirschnerstraße until you reach the next large intersection; the Marsilius-Arkaden are now on the left. In the western tower with the brown facade (130.3), the Medical Informatics Section is located on the 11th floor.

Coming from the north on Berliner Straße, please turn right at the streetcar stop "Technologiepark" onto Im Neuenheimer Feld, follow it for about 1 km until the end and then take Tiergartenstraße on the left. After about 500 m, pass the barrier on the left at the Leit- und Informationszentrale 1 (LIZ 1). The Medical Clinic is on the left. Follow the road (street name changes to "Hofmeisterweg") until it becomes Kirschnerstraße. Continue on Kirschnerstraße until you reach the first intersection; the Marsilius-Arkaden are now on the right. In the western tower with the brown facade (130.3) you will find the Medical Informatics Section on the 11th floor.

Parking facilities (fee required) Parking facilities near the Marsilius-Arkaden are signposted. For example, instead of driving left through the barrier in Kirschnerstr., you can drive straight ahead and turn right immediately into the visitors' parking lot.

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