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Study program human medicine

Participations of the Institute of Medical Informatics in the study program Human Medicine

Lectures, seminars, practical courses

The Institute of Medical Informatics, coordinated by Matthias Ganzinger, teaches Medical Informatics as part of the cross-sectional subject Epidemiology, Medical Biometry and Medical Informatics within Block IV of the new clinical curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine Heidelberg. The teaching conveys the importance of systematic data acquisition and data management for both the quality of medical care and the economic design of care processes. The class is divided into 7 hours of theory on data, images, and biosignals and a three-hour lab on coding, classification, and retrieval.

Computer Pools (CIP Pools).

We provide computer pools (CIP pools) for students in the School of Medicine.

Dissertation supervision

Students and graduates of the course of studies in human medicine have the possibility to write a dissertation in the Institute of Medical Informatics. Contact persons are Prof. Dr. Martin Dugas, Prof. Dr. Petra Knaup and Prof Dr. Hartmut Dickhaus.