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Spatial Clustering of childhood mortality

Project team: Heiko Becher, Gael Hammer, Gisela Kynast-Wolf, Robert Ndugwa, Heribert Ramroth, Gabriele Stieglbauer

Collaborators within the department: Olaf Müller

External collaborators: Bocar Kouyaté, Adjima Gbangou, Mamadou Sanon, Ali Sié, Nouna, Burkina Faso; Osman A. Sankoh, Ghana  

Funding: DFG (SFB 544)

In an earlier analysis of the data from the DSS in Nouna, Burkina Faso, an extremely high childhood mortality was found in a particular village. Spatial scan statistics was the method used for the analysis. In an ongoing analysis, we investigate whether this clustering persists after a new well has been built to improve water supply in the village. Preliminary results show that the childhood mortality has slightly decreased in the years 2000 to 2003, however, the mortality is still significantly higher than in the neighboring villages.