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Impact evaluation for Health Results-Based Financing in Burkina Faso

Principal investigator: Rainer Sauerborn, IPH Heidelberg

Scientific coordinator: Aurélia Souares

Funding: World Bank

Project description:
Within the framework of the impact evaluation managed by the Health Systems Research group, our team is responsible for three work-packages: i. the analysis of the impact of the RBF intervention on maternal care services; ii. the analysis of providers’ motivation and performance following the introduction of RBF; iii. structural and process indicators of quality of care. To enhance cross-country learning, constant exchange takes place between team members working on the impact evaluation of performance-based financing in Malawi and team members working on the same topic in Burkina Faso. Several team members work on both evaluations.

Status: ongoing

Contact: Manuela De Allegri (manuela.de.allegri@urz.uni-heidelberg.de)