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Dr. Marcin Golec

Visiting Researcher at the Digital Global Health Working Group

Marcin Golec is a medical doctor focused on medical informatics and health economics. Previously, Dr Golec worked as a researcher and clinician, among other: at the Pasteur Institute in Paris (Unit of Mycobacterial Genetics), Medical University in Vienna (Clinical Department of Pulmonary Medicine), Jagiellonian University Medical College in Krakow (Institute of Public Health) and Institute of Rural Health in Lublin (Head of the Unit of Fibroproliferative Diseases). Dr Golec was a principal investigator in a number of research projects, including the large scale EU FP-7 RESOLVE project: Resolve Chronic Inflammation and Achieve Healthy Ageing by Understanding Non-regenerative Repair. His research was awarded by the American College of Chest Physicians (Young Investigator Award, Winner, ACCP, Salt Lake City, USA, 2006). Dr Golec is co-author of 35 research articles in peer reviewed journals, Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis Ontology (OWL) noted in Bioportal and one patent (inhalation chamber).


PhD, with distinction, Institute of Rural Health in Lublin, Poland MD, Medical University in Lublin, Poland

Biomedical Informatics Graduate Certificate, Stanford University, USA MSc, with merit, in Health Economics and Management, London School of Economics, UK


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