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Cancer incidence and mortality of German immigrants in the Saarland (AMOR-Saar)

Project team: Volker Winkler, Heiko Becher

External collaborators: Christa Stegmaier, Bernd Holleczek, Saarbrücken

Funding:  own funds

Funding period: 2006-ongoing

Status: ongoing

In this study we compare cancer mortality and incidence of ethnic German migrants ("Spätaussiedler") from the Former Soviet Union (FSU) in the Saarland. The cohort consists of approx. 20,000 migrants, who settled in the Saarland. Cancer incidence of the Saarland cohort is derived from the Saarland cancer registry. Information about death and cause of death of all cancer cases is available at the cancer register by alignment of the “Melderegister” and public health authorities. The vital status of all members of the cohort is assessed from the registration offices in order to determine the total mortality.

First results confirm that FSU-migrants suffer from cancers which may be prevented by primary health care.


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