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Hoa T. Nguyen, PHD

Post-doctoral researcher

Hoa T. Nguyen has joined HIGH as a doctoral student since 2014. She is currently the Post-doctoral Researcher at HIGH and the Division of Tropical Medicine. Hoa has diverse background in Health Economics, Social Security and International Health. Her primary research interest is economic evaluation and cost analyses. She has completed several costing studies and economic evaluation of complex health intervention such as the user fee removal policies in Burkina Faso and the economic analyses of omitting the axillary lymph node dissection in the management of early breast cancer patients in Germany.  Hoa also experienced with impact evaluation and having assessed the impact of both user fee exemptions and result-based financing policies on health care use. She is currently working on the economic evaluation of global health diagnostic solutions such as novel point-of-care tests on stool for detecting tuberculosis in children, rapid antigen test for COVID-19 in clinical settings. Beyond economic evaluation, Hoa has led a research project aimed at assessing the community preferences for social health insurance benefit package in Vietnam. Prior to her academic engagement at HIGH, Hoa worked for several years as research assistant in the area of child protection at UNICEF, health financing at the World Health Organization, and HIV/AIDs prevention at CARE International in Vietnam.


2014-2019 PhD student, HIGH, Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany
2010-2011 2011 Master of Science in International Health (MScIH), Heidelberg Institute of Public Health, University of Heidelberg, Germany
2006-2007 Post-graduate Training in Social Security, GIZ, Germany
1997-2001 Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies, Hanoi University of Foreign Studies


  1. Nguyen HT, Torbica A, Brenner S, Kiendrébéogo JA, Tapsoba L, Ridde V, et al. (2020) Economic evaluation of user-fee exemption policies for maternal healthcare in Burkina Faso: Evidence from a cost-effectiveness analysis. Value Health.
  2. Nguyen, H. T., Zombré, D., Ridde, V. and De Allegri, M. (2018). The impact of reducing and eliminating user fees on facility-based delivery: a controlled interrupted time series in Burkina Faso. Health Policy Plan 33, 948-956, doi: 10.1093/heapol/czy077
  3. Nguyen HT, Luu TV, Leppert G, et al. (2017) Community preferences for a social health insurance benefit package: an exploratory study among the uninsured in Vietnam. BMJ Glob Health 2:e000277. doi:10.1136/bmjgh-2016-000277
  4. Kuunibe N, Lohmann J, Hillebrecht M, Nguyen HT, Tougri G, De Allegri M. (2020) What happens when performance‐based financing meets free healthcare? Evidence from an interrupted time‐series analysis. Health Policy Plan.

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