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HIPH Presentations 2011

Date Presenter Topic
 21.12.2011  Heiko Becher The national cohort and a new integrated PhD program in epidemiology:  aims and perspectives


Maternal and prenatal health care quality improvement-bridging  the know-do gap: 
Overview (Svetla) & Understanding and measuring health worker motivation  (Helen) 

[QUALMAT Project from the 7th Framework Program of EU]

 19.10.2011  Valerie Louis

ITN research in Nouna District – The D4 Project during the  SFB 544 and beyond

 21.09.2011    Albrecht Jahn   4x4: The New Formula for Global Noncommunicable Diseases Control?  
-Reflections on the UN Summit on NCDs in September 2011-
 20.07.2011  Olaf Müller An introduction to the EU-funded  project "Optimunize"