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HIPH Presentations 2012

19.12.2012Nobila OuédraogoThe OPTIMUNISE Project: Results from an observational study nested into the Nouna HDSS
21.11.2012Kayvan BozorghmerTrade liberalisation and tuberculosis
17.10.2012Gerald LeppertThe potential of Micro Finance Institutions to advance progress towards Universal Health Coverage through Micro Health Insurance: A mixed methods study in Malawi
19.09.2012Stephan BrennerAssessing the Impact of Using PBI to Improve the Quality of Obstetric and Newborn Care in Malawi
20.06.2012Inuwa BarauPolio elimination in Nigeria - challenges for the last mile 
16.05.2012Heribert RamrothLaryngeal cancer: a combination of different study aspects
18.04.2012Florian Scheibe / Florian NeuhannART - Retension Care in Uganda
21.03.2012Sabine GabryschA cluster-randomised trial of an integrated agricultural project with women’s groups aimed at reducing young child under-nutrition in rural Burkina Faso
15.02.2012Rainer Sauerborn

CLIMIMO: Detecting climate change and its health impact in 10 years of longitudinal data of 12 INDEPTH sites

DengueTools: FP7 EU project? Innovative tools and strategies for surveillance and control of dengue?