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HIPH Presentations 2014

Date Presenter Topic
19.02.2014 Olaf Müller Evaluation of the 2010 national ITN Campaign in Burkina Faso            
19.03.2014 Patricia Codyre Knowledge based interventions for improving the quality of care in Saharan Africa


21.05.2014 Nobila Ouédraogo Impact evaluation for Health Performance-Based Financing in Burkina Faso
18.06.2014 Maxwell Dalaba Costs associated with implementation of computer-assisted clinical decision support system for antenatal and delivery care: case study of Kassena-Nankana Districh of northern Ghana
16.07.2014   Summer break
01.10.2014 Olaf Müller,
Florian Neuhann
Recent developments of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa
15.10.2014 Anton Safer

Genetic, inflammatory and socioeconomic determinants of stroke - results from the case-control study "Genesis" in the industrial city Ludwigshafen/Rhein

19.11.2014 Albrecht Jahn Update zu Post MDGs - Go4Health Project
17.12.2014 Peter Dambach BTI intervention against mosquito larvae in rural Burkina Faso