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Important questions

The following passages are taken from the Graduate Academy’s information brochure for international doctoral candidates.

Source: © Graduate Academy of the University of Heidelberg, information brochure for international doctoral candidates [http://www.graduateacademy.uni-heidelberg.de/md/gradakad/downloads/information_brochure_int_en_neu_2015.pdf], p. 62–91.

The Graduate Academy offers extensive advice on means of “Funding” and “Living in Heidelberg”. Please see their website for more information: http://www.graduateacademy.uni-heidelberg.de/.

How can I find funding for my doctoral studies?

Studying and living in Heidelberg

Useful links:

Information homepage of the Medical Faculty at Heidelberg University: Dr. sc. hum. Dr. med.

Information about the Dr. med. at Heidelberg University:

Research support of Heidelberg University:

Support for foreign students of the Germany Ministry of Education and Research: