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International Symposia

Since several years, we organize annual international symposia on schistosomaisis. These meetings help to maintain our lively network of collaborative research, they place this in a larger context with additional invited participants and allow the planning of future research co-operations. Previous symposia were held in Heidelberg, Cairo (Egypt) and Wuhan (China). The symposia greatly benefited from support by DAAD through its programmes for “ University-partnerships with developing countries

Visit to water bodies and potential transmission sites for schistosomiasis in the Dhofar Governorate (Sultanate of Oman) by scientists from 12 countries, at the occasion of our annual international symposium on schistosomiasis (Salalah, 2002)

2003: Sept. 25 – 27, Heidelberg

9th International Symposium: Research for sustainable control of schistosomiasis (organizer A. Ruppel)
21 invited speakers form 8 countries

2004: Oct. 11-16, Wuhan, China

10th International Symposium on Schistosomiasis (organizers: Y.L. Li, A. Ruppel)
42 invited speakers from 6 countries including 11 Chinese Provinces. The symposium included a visit to an area endemic for Schistosoma japonicum (see picture below, which was particulary appreciated by all participants from outside China. 

Visit in an area endemic for schistosomaisis japonica at the occasion of our annual international symposium on schistosomiasis (Wuhan, China, 2004)