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Maureen Dar lang

Maureen Dar lang is a public health clinician with over twenty-five years of professional experience working in international health. She is a scientific associate at Heidelberg Institute for Global Health and as a project manager at evaplan GmbH, Heidelberg University. She has had in-depth contextual and operational experience of health system reform and strengthening from working for more than twenty years in Nepal over a period of civil conflict, a large-scale earthquake, COVID-19 pandemic, and decentralisation towards a Federal State. She is educated as a medical doctor in Myanmar and had further public health training in Germany, she has worked at rural hospitals in Myanmar and Nepal, providing both in-patient and out-patient services. She works to  empower women and children through training of local women groups, female health volunteers, child-to-child class facilitators and non-formal education. In addition, through work with local NGOs and District Health Systems, Maureen has worked to increase availability and functionality of services for maternal and child health care services in Nepal. With experience at the Ministry of Health in Nepal, FCDO (DFID), USAID, the World Bank and various faith-based organisations, Maureen brings a wealth of knowledge to the Global Child Health working group at HIGH.