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Epidemiology and Biostatistics

21. Heidelberger Ringvorlesung Epidemiologie

Wintersemester 2009/2010 

Dienstag, 16 c.t. , INF 306, SR 13

Datum Name Thema
20.10.2009 Brenner, DKFZ HD The aging stomach, aging people, and aging societies: Epidemiological perspectives
03.11.2009 Greiser, DKFZ HD Sozialepidemiologie
17.11.2009 Paltiel, Jerusalem Changing patterns of mortality in the Arab population of Israel
01.12.2009 Ott, WHO Genf Risk assessment and global disease burden
15.12.2009 Campell Use of Statistics To Improve Quality of Healthcare
12.01.2010 Reitmeier, HD/Kapverden Maternal Mortality - causes and consequences
26.01.2010 Teucher, Heidelberg Physical activity, anthropometry, and diet - a substudy to EPIC Germany for the purpose of data validation and calibration
09.02.2010 Razum, Bielefeld Gut versorgt? Epidemiologische Versorgungsforschung bei Migranten


Graduiertenkolleg 793
(Sprecher: H. Becher, Uni HD, Institut für Public Health)