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Dr. med. at the Institute of Global Health

During your Dr. med. studies at the Institute of Global Health, you will have the opportunity to take part in all academic events. There are working group meetings, meetings of the doctoral students, lectures series and statistic counseling, which will help you with your first steps. You will have the opportunity to gain relevant expertise in research techniques and get connected with a wide network of public health professionals.

You will be assigned to an official supervisor who will be a Professor or Privatdozent and who can be different from your day-to-day supervisor. Regular meetings are important and will be agreed on with the supervisor in the beginning.

If you are a student from another medical faculty, your application is also welcome.
Under “Additional information" you can find information on living in Heidelberg.

Requirements for admission at the Institute of Global Health

  1. Studying medicine after ÄAppO/ZÄPrO (s. §4, Absatz 2 Promotionsordnung Medizinische Fakultät Heidelberg) or having completed medical studies.
  2. Eagerness and ability to work independently on a particular topic over a longer period. It is highly recommended to take at least one semester off. Possible solutions will be discussed depending on the type of work and your schedule.
  3. Good English language skills as the Institute’s working language is English.

Any further specifications are given in the doctorate regulations for a Dr. med. of the Medical Faculty Heidelberg: Click here

Click here  for the official requirements of the Medical Faculty Heidelberg for acceptance

Click here  for the application procedure at the Institute of Global Health