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HIPH Seminar Series 2017

An internal forum where researchers from the Institute present
their work to each other.

Organiser:  Stefan Kohler

Where?      INF 365, room 007 (master course room)  
When?       Every third Wednesday of the month - 12:30 - 13:30 Uhr

Date Presenting Group               Presenter Topic
18.01.2017 Epidemiology Volker Winkler & Simone Kaucher AMOR Studies – Health of German Re-Settlers from the Former Soviet Union
15.02.2017 Health Economics Hoa Nguyen User fee removal policies for maternal care: value for money?
15.03.2017 Climate Change Rainer Sauerborn Food insecurity and malnutrition in the age of climate change: links and interventions
19.04.2017 Disease Control Florian Neuhann Tb control Germany – example city of Cologne
17.05.2017 Disease Control Olaf Müller Non-specific effects of childhood vaccinations
-new date-
Epidemiology Amanda Wendt Developing local, food-based complementary feeding recommendations using a linear programming approach: an Optifood experience
19.07.2017 Health Systems Albrecht Jahn & Claudia Beiersmann Project „Health and Migration“
18.10.2017 Global Health and HIV/AIDS Stefan Kohler Maternal and child health care in Baden-Württemberg: Status and trends
15.11.2017 Health Economics and Health Financing Hoa Nguyen Impact analysis of user fee reduction and removal in Burkina Faso
20.12.2017 Epidemiology and Biostatistics Volker Winkler & Yukio Iwamoto Mammography screening programs and their effect on breast cancer mortality on a population level

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