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Übersicht der Masterarbeiten

Nachfolgend erhalten Sie eine Übersicht der bisherigen Masterarbeiten. Sollte Sie ein Thema näher interessieren, können Sie die Masterarbeit gerne – nach vorheriger Terminvereinbarung – bei uns einsehen.

Jahrgang 2016 - 2018

"Better Estimates for Progression-free Survival - using Mixed Models - for early decision making in clinical drug development. A Simulation Study" (G. Bleckert)

"Strategy-based pre-selection of diseasemarkers. Expansion to three and four markermodels." (T. Brijoux)

"Prevalence-based sample size re-estimation for studies comparing the accuracy of two diagnostic tests" (M. Hesse)

"Empirical validation of statistical approaches to the projection of cancer incidence rates based on short-term cancer registry data" (M. Knoll)

"Prognosis model for the development of macro- and microvascular diseases for patients with Type 2 Diabetes mellitus – Simulation study on multiple imputation of HbA1c results and variable selection based on longitudinal electronical medical records" (S. Kruppert)

"Statistical Learning zur Identifikation relevanter Publikationen im Kontext systematischer Reviews am Beispiel diagnostischer Studien – Ein Methodenvergleich" (T. Lange)

"Untersuchung der Eigenschaften von statistischen Verfahren zur Detektion von Publication Bias unter verschiedenen Praxisbedingungen" (T. Lenzen)

"Bi-dimensional meta-analytic-predictive priors for continuous endpoints - Definition and simulation-based investigation of operating characteristics and Go/NoGo rules" (C. Raabe)

"Simulation based adjustment after exploratory cut-off selection for continuous biomarkers in Phase II with a binary endpoint" (K. Ringwald)

"Statistical methods for spatial cluster detection in rare diseases: A simulation study and an application to data from the German Childhood Cancer Registry" (M. Schündeln)

"Examination of the potential of robust statistics in the framework of Mendelian randomisation" (A. Schweda)

"Assessing the relative importance of efficacy gains against side effects based on clinical decisions using clinical trial data: the benefit-risk tolerability measure" (Y. Schymura)

"Kombination zweier Matching Adjusted Indirect Comparison (MAIC) Schätzer für einen indirekten Vergleich: Eine Simulationsstudie zum Einfluss von Anzahl und Art der Kovariaten" (W. Siemens)

"Adjustment of Treatment Effects After Biomarker Subgroup Selection in Studies with Binary Endpoint by Model Averaging and Approximate Bayesian Computation" (J. Weirather)

Jahrgang 2014 - 2016

"Application of the MNAR versus MAR multiple imputation approaches assessment of the allergic conjunctival redness" (A. Astvatsatourov)

"Influence of measurement error on distributional estimates for the comparison of proportions of dichotomized continuous cardiovascular risk parameters" (H. Berthold)

"Measurement Equivalence of Linear Equation Systems in Multiple-Group Confirmatory Factor Analysis: A Comparison of Bayesian Modeling and Frequentist Approaches of Real and Simulated Data (including Cross-Checks of Open Source Solutions with Proprietary Software)" (M. Blümke)

"Robust methods for adjustment of cell-type heterogeneity in methylation studies: Comparison with standard approaches using simulated and real datasets" (J. Brägelmann)

"Comparison of prediction methods for a binary outcome based on correlated predictors" (M. Chiabudini)

"Longitudinal analysis of brain networks" (K. Diers)

"Meta-Analyses of efficacy and safety of ERr 731 (Extract Rheum rhaponticum) for the treatment of menopausal symptoms" (P. Heger)

"Descriptive Representation of Effect Measure for the Components of a Composite Time-To-First-Event Endpoint" (A. Henn)

"Effektschätzung mit Hilfe des Propensity Scores: Vergleich von Propensity Score Matching und Propensity Score Adjustierung bei kleinen Stichproben in einer Simulationsstudie" (N. Lamp)

"Comparing clustering methods for Infinium DNA methylatation data" (A. Maldonado)

"Estimating Classification Probabilities for Personalized Diagnostics using High-dimensional Methylation Data" (M. Maros)

"A comparison of methods for meta-analysis of small number of studies with binary outcomes" (T. Mathes)

"A population pharmacokinetic model of the cortisol stress response" (R. Miller)

"Comparison of the multinomial generalized linear mixed model with three alternative generalized mixed models in the meta-analysis of diagnostic accuracy trials with non-evaluable index test results" (J. Pham)

"Konfidenzintervalle für die Interstudienvarianz im Rahmen des Random-Effects-Models bei typischen Meta-Analysen randomisierter klinischer Studien mit binärem Zielkriterium - eine Simulationsstudie" (J. Porthun)

"Covariate adjusted nonparametric estimation of sensitivity and specificity in clustered data" (D. Rooney)

"Exploration of analysis methods for functional outcome in clinical stroke trials – which variant of the modified Rankin Scale and which analysis method to be used?" (K. Rosenberger)

"Application of Gaussian Process regression to the Estimation of time-in-therapeutic-range (TTR) and prediction of the international normalized ratio (INR) in patients under therapy with Vitamin K antagonists" (F. Ruderich)

"Adjusting for multiplicity in diagnostic studies: A Wild Bootstrap approach for obtaining simultaneous confidence intervals for sensitivity and specificity" (A. Rudolph)

"Extrapolating lung cancer survival beyond the observation horizon via piecewise exponential and Weibull models - a comparison of methods" (L. Schwarzkopf)

"Development of optimized item weights to measure the Aesthetic and Functional Status after breast conserving therapy of breast cancer based on the Breast Cancer Treatment Outcome Scale (BCTOS)" (J.-K. Schwarzlos-Sooprayen)

"Facultative-switch open-label randomised controlled trial design" (K. Shah-Hosseini)

"Propensity score estimation using boosting models" (T. Zelniker)

"Comparison of 2 meta-analytical models with fixed effect and fixed effects" (M. Zhou)

Jahrgang 2012 – 2014

"Modification of Clinical Score Data based on Clinical Relevance limits with the Aim to Improve the Efficacy of Identification of Predictive Biomarkers" (A. Abufarag)

"Modelling of reader effects in diagnostic studies and their comparison using simulation studies" (S. Beimel)

"Handling missing longitudinal data during childhood in birth cohorts: a comparison of multiple imputation, joint models and survival analysis for the development of overweight" (S. Brandt)

"Weighting strategies for composite time-to-event endpoints" (N. Benjamin)

"Meta-analysis and combining information in genetics and genomics – an application in chronic rhinosinusitis research" (J. Fränzer)

"Adjustment for small study effects in meta-analysis: implementation of a multiple imputation approach in R and comparison with other advanced statistical methods" (M. Frerix)

"Evaluation of different pre-screening procedures to reduce dimensionality in high-dimensional Cox models" (S. Geis)

"Bivariate meta-analysis of sensitivity and specificity: A comparison of the normal-normal and the binomial-normal model with a finite mixture model of bivariate normal distributions" (G. Klein)

"Untersuchung einer Konfidenzintervallberechnung bei zweistufigem Studiendesign für kontrolliert randomisierte Studien mit Anpassung der einzuschließenden Studienpopulation" (C. Klesse)

"Comparison of group sequential versus fixed design settings for bioequivalence studies with highly variable drugs" (S. Knahl)

"Advantage of a Multi-State approach in surgical research: How intermediate events affect the prognosis of a patient with locally advanced rectal cancer" (G. Manzini)

"Linear interpolation vs. spline interpolation to estimate the time in therapeutic range (TTR) of the international normalized ratio (INR) in patients with atrial fibrillation receiving vitamin-K antagonists" (U. Mergenthaler)

"Integration of multiple genomic data sources in Bayesian variable selection models" (R. Meunier)

"Comparison of methods used to calculate confidence intervals for single binomial proportions with special emphasis on small rates" (D. Musinga)

"Analysing clinical studies with composite endpoints: Comparing a weighting strategy by Bakal et al. to a non-weighted approach" (N. Schwarz)

"Bayesian spatial models for the analysis of multi-morbidity in Baden-Württemberg, Germany" (C. Seitz)

"Assessment of stability and validity of logistic regression models using bootstrap resampling in simulated data as well as in real data: To what extent does the approach of missing data imputation and variable selection affect the composition and performance of logistic regression models?" (A. Stierlin)

"Systematische Reliabilitätsbestimmung zum 24h-Blutdruckprofil bei Kindern" (A. Streithoff)

"Multiplicity issues in nutrition research" (A. Titz)

"Blinded sample size recalculation via nonparametric bootstrap versus analytical estimation" (M. Winderlich)

"Optimierung des Record Linkage-Verfahrens im Krebsregister Baden-Württemberg" (M. Wol)

"Adjustment for Selection Bias in RCTs Including Multiple Covariates and Stratified Randomization" (X. Wu)

Jahrgang 2010 – 2012

"Identifizierung typischer Stoffwechselprodukte aus einem Metabolom für das Krankheitsbild der Sarkopenie unter Anwendung von Boosting und Stability Selection" (M. Drey)

"Assessment of prediction models by variable shrinkage: Comparison of different methods of variable selection and shrinkage" (C. Göbl)

"Analyse von linearen gemischten Modellen im Vergleich zwischen SAS® und R" (A. Görlitz)

"Development and validation of a risk score for the estimation of cardiovascular risk in elderly patients. Comparison of different strategies for the model update on the basis of a specific data set." (U. Häusler)

"Vergleichende Analyse adaptiver Designs nach der Inversen Normalmethode und einer Variation mit flexiblen Gewichten" (C. Kuhl)

"Identification of Predictive Biomarker Signatures based on high-dimensional genomic Data" (S. Lücke)

"Integration of proof-of-concept and exposure-response studies in the field of oncology with endpoint progression-free survival time (PFST)" (A. Meid)

"Comparison of statistical methods for the prediction of colorectal cancer with high-dimensional DNA methylation data" (H. Müller)

"A comparison of different statistical methods used for performing indirect treatment comparisons and network meta-analysis – an application in obsessive-compulsive disorder research" (S. Schlegl)

"Bayesian mixed treatment comparison with aggregate- and individual-level survival data" (C. Stock)

"Blinded sample size recalculation in clinical trials with multiple endpoints including mixed continuous and binary variables" (A. Weber)

"Checking the assumption of asymptotic normality in the analysis of survival data with two endpoints on a real data set of an oncological clinical trial" (R. Witt)

"Simulationsstudie zu p-Wert basiertem Publikationsbias in Random-Effects-Metaanalysen" (F. Zeman)

Jahrgang 2008 – 2010

"Estimation of the maximum tolerated dose in phase I cancer trials by a Bayesian method controlling for both relevant overdosing and underdosing" (M. Berse)

"Multivariate Fractional Polynomials (MFP) for modeling of learning curves in the medicine" (V. Breul)

"Methods for sample size adjustments in open label clinical trials with binary endpoints" (A. Goralczyk)

"Controlling the type-1-error within the context of multivariate meta-analysis by application of closed testing procedures" (R. Großelfinger)

"A Comparison of R2-Measures to Assess the Prognostic Value in Survival Models" (C. Hentschke)

"Estimation of standard errors of crude and age-adjusted relative survival rates of cancer patients" (L. Jansen)

"Meta-Analysis of diagnostic and method comparison studies for human core temperature measurements" (O. Kimberger)

"Simulationsstudie zum Einsatz der genetischen Randomisation für Studien zum Nachweis eines therapeutischen Effekts der Transplantation hämatopoetischer Stammzellen von freiwilligen, unverwandten Spendern" (M. Kramer)

"Evaluating Uses of CART Algorithms in Propensity Score Estimation" (J. Kuck)

"Systematic investigation of an algorithm to evaluate adverse events in uncertain data situation" (K. Laschke)

"Modeling body temperature and parasite decay in patients with malaria" (B. Mordmüller)

"Analyse des Langzeitüberlebens von östrogenrezeptorpositiven und -negativen Patientinnen mit Brustkrebs unter Verwendung semi- und nichtparametrischer Methoden" (C. Oliveira-Munding)

"Sample size considerations for survival studies applying Mendelian randomization" (J. Schetelig)

"Association between risk of bias of randomized controlled trials and the estimated treatment effect of interventions in emergency and in critical care medicine" (S. Unverzagt)

"Sample size recalculation in longitudinal trials using generalized estimating equations (GEE)" (D. Wachtlin)

"Diagnostic meta-analysis of binary and continuous test results in simulated and clinical data" (R. Warschkow)

"Different approaches for the assessment of bioequivalence of highly variable drug products - comparison of rules given in the current European, Canadian and Japanese guidelines" (M. Wonnemann)

Jahrgang 2006 – 2008

"Werde ich mit meiner Herzklappe Schwierigkeiten bekommen? Berechnung von Komplikations-Erlebenswahrscheinlichkeiten" (D. Böthig)

"Statistical Models to Determine Visual Field Progression in Glaucoma Patients on the Basis of Series of Perimetry Examinations" (T. Burkard)

"Parameter Estimation for Multidimensional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes – with Applications to Medical Data" (J. Dippon)

"Vergleich verschiedener Ersetzungsstrategien für fehlende Werte in klinischen Studien, dargestellt an einer Phase III Studie in der Indikation Hepatitis C" (A. Hanschmann)

"Wird die Thrombozytenzahl durch ein extrakorporales Leberersatzverfahren beeinflusst? Analyse eines Datensatzes einer klinischen, randomisierten, longitudinalen Studie mit fehlenden Werten und kleiner Fallzahl" (S. Klammt)

"Multiple lineare Regression klassisch und Bayesianisch – multizentrische prospektive Studie zum Einfluss der körperlichen Leistungsfähigkeit von Patienten mit primär malignen Knochentumoren auf die Lebensqualität" (D. Oberle)

"On Equivalence Criteria Based on Multivariable Regression Models - Application in a Study of Equivalence of two Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents" (M. Perera Chang)

"Preliminary goodness-of-fit tests for normality in t-tests" (J. Rochon)

"Evaluating Strategies for Marker Ranking in Genome-wide Association Studies of Complex Traits" (A. Scherag)

"Preparation of statistical analysis for prospective non-randomized clinical study phase III with safety parameter as primary point according to international standards of ICH GCP and CDISC requirement. Comparison of different methods for estimation of confidence limits for qualitative variables. Planning of subsequent study based on results." (N. Smeljanski)

"Development of multi-event models considering competing risks: Identification of prognostic factors for the outcome of patients with high risk acute myeloid leukemia after allogeneic stem cell transplantation" (D. Späth)

"Risk-benefit assessment of closed intra-abdominal drainage after pancreatic surgery – A systematic review with meta-analysis" (K. Tadjalli Mehr)

"Pilot and Adaptive Designs in Bioequivalence Studies" (A. Treszl)

"Analysis of the actual significance level and power in bioequivalence studies with sample size recalculation in designs with internal pilot study" (G. Vogt)