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Institute of Human Genetics

Teaching Programme at the Institute of Human Genetics

The Institute of Human Genetics engages in multiple ways in the teaching of medical and biological students, Ph.D. students during their training to specialize in human genetics, junior scientists in our institute as well as in the teaching of Postgraduates in genetic epidemiology. 


  • Studies of Biological Sciences
    Internship/practical training in human genetics
    Seminars, Seminars for advanced students and lectures about current topics in human genetics, molecular genetics and developmental genetics
    Molecular developmental genetics
  • Continuing Education
    Seminars for employees and colloquia
    Genetic epidemiology
    Continuing education for physicians



More detailed information:

Lecture time-table (clinical studies)

Lecture time-table (preclinical studies)

Akademie Humangenetik (“Academy of Human Genetics”)

Postgraduate education biometrics



Doctoral Theses /Master Theses/Seminar Theses

Interested students are cordially invited to ask via e-mail for doctoral theses (Dr. med., Dr. rer. nat., Dr. sc. hum), diploma theses in Biology as well as for seminar- and Master theses in Medical Informatics.(E-Mail)


E-learning plattform "Moodle"


University Information System "LSF"

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