Portrait von Ayse Sanlialp
Ayse Sanlialp

Alumnae und Alumni (Molecular Biology of Cell Growth)

Wissenschaftlicher Werdegang

Ayse Sanlialp was born in Dornbirn, Austria, in 1992. She grew up in Austria, also finished her High School there in 2010 and started studying medicine at the University of Heidelberg in the same year. She chose the medical falculty of medicine in Heidelberg because of the wide range in medical research. She soon recognized her interest in cardiac research, especially in cardiac hypertrophy, which is why she decided to join the laboratory of Dr. Mirko Völkers in spring 2016 for her doctoral thesis. Her research project in Dr. Mirko Völkers laboratory is focussed on the role of SARAF, an endoplasmatic reticulum transmembrane protein (also called TMEM66), in cardiac diseases and on analyzing its function in cardiomyocytes.