Portrait von Charles P. Rabolli
Charles P. Rabolli

Gastwissenschaftler (AG Cardiac Remodeling and Regeneration)

Wissenschaftlicher Werdegang

2014 – 2018

Studium: Rutgers University

2014 – 2017

Molecular and Cellular Bionengineering Laboratory, Rutgers University, Department of Biomedical Engineering (Profs. Francois Berthiaume and Martin Yarmush)

Juni 2016 – August 2016

American Heart Association Student Fellow at Cardiovascular Research Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School (Prof. Anthony Rosenzweig)

Juni 2015 – August 2015

Aresty Scholar at Nano-Bio Group, Rutgers University, Department of Materials Science Engineering (Prof. Fabris)



Massachusetts General Hospital Ambulatory Care of the Future Student Prize Finalist (MGH)


Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) Rise Scholar


American Heart Association Founder’s Affiliate Undergraduate Student Fellow (AHA)


Aresty Scholar (Rutgers University)

Interessensgebiete/ Forschungsschwerpunkte

Biomedical Engineering:

  • The development and characterization of SDF1α-elastin-like-peptide nanoparticles for wound healing
  • The development of tvNK1-elastin-like-peptide nanoparticles for cardiac fibrosis mitigation
  • Alginate-Encapsulated Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for Osteoarthritis Treatment
  • Point-of-Care Diagnostic for Detection of Viral Versus Bacterial Infection

Nanomaterials Engineering:

  • A Systematic Study on the Effect of the Synthetic Paramters on the Optical properties and Morphology of Gold Nanostars

Molecular Cardiology:

  • The Role of Cardiomyocyte CITED4 for Contractility and Calcium-Sensitivity