Dr. med. univ., M.Sc. Kathrin Elisabeth Zangerl

Co-Lead Working Group, Global Child Health

Kathi Zangerl is a specialist pediatrician with over a decade of clinical experience in Germany, Switzerland and Nepal. With an MSc in International Child Health from UCL Institute of Global Health, her research started to focus on child health policy within the context of climate change adaptation. Since 2021, she has joined HIGH, where she is dedicated to advancing child health policy concerning global preparedness under climate change. Her research investigates various drivers that could enhance child health inclusion in policy formulation, as well as exploring co-creation methods to develop child-centered policies and adaptation interventions.

Kathi has been developing an active registry of heat-related illnesses in Germany with cooperation of the German Pediatric Surveillance Unit (ESPED), assessing the impact of heat on the child´s body functions. Delving into children's perceptions of climate change and its effects, her research employs different child-specific co-creation methods to inform intervention design, prioritizing the needs of children. As a working group member of the Competence Network Preventive MedicineKathi aims to contribute a pediatric viewpoint on risk factors related to climate change and child health, further informing potential future interventions. Additionally, she actively collaborates with local and regional stakeholders to ensure the practical application of her research findings.

Kathi's scientific journey is driven by her commitment to enhancing child health outcomes amidst the challenges of climate change.